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Violin concert in the Montreal Metro

Tell me about your latest video: The concept for this film was an impromptu concert at a Montreal metro station. It was the idea of one of Canada's most promising violinists, Timothy Chooi. What we didn't realise was that metro passengers would be playing their role - by throwing money in his violin case as he played and I filmed. This is the first of four videos I'm currently working on with Timothy and I've learned that if you go anywhere with him -  a crowd will gather.

Who is in the video?Canadian Timothy Chooi has performed with most major Canadian orchestras, has won many prestigious music competitions and currently plays on a 1717 Windsor-Weinstein Stradivarius on loan from the Canada Council for the Arts. He was famously described as "the miracle" by La Presse newspaper.

Why did you make it?Timothy commissioned me to make this film because he is a bit of a film geek and loves the idea of making films in non-traditional locations and using them to promot…

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